Internet marketing is meant to attract people to your website, enhance your products and your company and eventually increase customers for your business. If you want your online marketing strategies to succeed, then you must utilize the 3 C’s of marketing, that is, create, capture and convert. They are fairly simple yet logical ideas that can help any newbies trying to venture into internet marketing to get a head start.

Below is a detailed explanation of what these 3C’s of marketing are.

Create Traffic

The first step that you should take if you hope to make money out of your blog or website, is to create traffic. That’s where the SEO comes into play. It will give your website a better chance of appearing in the search engine results for queries related to your business. You have to capture the attention of your audience in such a way that they will want to visit your website over and over again.

One way that you can create traffic is by creating quality content. The content should be useful to the customer otherwise they will quickly lose interest in what you have to offer. For instance, if you have launched a new product, inform the customer what it is. They want to know more about the product. What is the product all about, how is it useful, how is it different from the others, what do they stand to gain from buying your product and so on. If you are trying to introduce a service, tell the customers what service you offer and how they can get it.

Capture Leads

Once you have created traffic, you have to devise a system whereby you can capture your leads or traffic. This is to enable you to sustain a long-term profitable online business. This is the part where your patience, practice, and experience will be tested. You need to come up with a strategy where you can build your own list. A list is important in that it helps you to keep your customers informed about a new product or opportunity.

You can use an email-auto responder service which allows your customers to sign up to your list so that they could be receiving information from you directly. Again, this comes down to the quality of your content. If your readers like your content, they will want to sign up for your list.

Convert To Sales

If you have managed to create traffic and you have captured leads but you are still not converting them to sales you will not make any money. You have to develop trust and build a relationship with your prospects or leads so that they will want to hear what you have to say, be open to your offers and be willing to purchase what you are selling to them.

There are two ways that you can convert sales. First, you can make money in your sleep by incorporating a system that can convert sales on autopilot or secondary, you can simply become active and convert sales personally.
There you have it, the 3 C’s of marketing. Once you fully understand these three concepts, they will be etched in your subconscious as you go about every day promoting and making money from your online business.

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